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「Restoration of Five Hundred Buddhist StatuesーInheritance of Prayer」Exhibition

Restoration of Five Hundred Buddhist StatuesーInheritance of Prayer

The art group Idea Works . P will hold an exhibition themed on the restoration of the Five Hundred Arhat statues, titled 'Restoration of Five Hundred Buddhist StatuesーInheritance of Prayer' from December 21 (Tuesday) to December 26 (Sunday), 2021, at the JCII Club 25 Gallery (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo).

The Five Hundred Arhat statues of Tengon-san Go-Hyaku Rakan-ji Temple (Meguro Ward, Tokyo), carved by the Edo period Buddhist sculptor Matsukumo Motoyoshi, have miraculously survived numerous natural and man-made disasters. 305 of these statues still exist in the temple, becoming an object of people's faith. They are of high historical and cultural value and have been designated as important cultural properties by Tokyo. The exhibition introduces the efforts to restore these Five Hundred Arhat statues and preserve them for the future through photographs, videos, and lectures, conveying the importance of cultural heritage preservation."


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