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"In December 2021, the photo book 'Restoration of Five Hundred Buddhist StatuesーInheritance of Prayers' was published.

The photographer was deeply impressed by the magnificence of the Arhat statues and the efforts of restorers working to preserve these valuable statues for future generations, leading to extensive coverage and photography of the restoration process.

The photo book features images showcasing the sculptural beauty of the eight restored Arhat statues and photographs of the restoration process, which had not been much publicized before. It is published by Ribbon-sha.

From the photo book's contributions:

'For over 300 years since their creation, these Arhat statues have survived natural disasters and wars, protected by many people. We have a mission to pass this irreplaceable and magnificent cultural heritage to the next generation.' - Restorer, Takefumi Nagai

Ms. Chiyoda Michiko's works also provide an opportunity to consider the restoration and preservation of cultural properties. They communicate that the process and time invested become a 'prayer.' - Tengon-san Go-Hyaku Rakan-ji Temple, Curator and Art Historian, Kenjin Hori


■ A4 Variant Size (H280×W200)

■ Cover, endpapers, 100 pages of content

■ Digital printing (4C)

■ Perfect binding with PUR (Yan-Dripping)

■ Includes a sleeve case

■ Price: 4,000 yen (tax included)

■ Sold by Ribbon-sha"


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