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After graduating from a college of art, I started working for an advertising agency as a graphic designer. Then I have started a new career at an optical device manufacturer as a MarCom staff. Since then in parallel, I have been working on creating my own photo works for years. In addition, I have joined various types of solo and group exhibitions. Since I want to widen my activities as a photographer, I have recently started approaching to overseas photo markets. As the result so far, my artworks have got awarded in some photo contests and appeared in some web magazines in foreign countries. Furthermore, one of them is now stored in an art museum. Under the motto, ‘Contribute to the Society through Photograph’, I have been involved in a lot of volunteer activities in which I record and introduce people in Japanese traditional performing art groups and their performances in my neighboring areas.


Performance Record

2019 : “Oshichi” Nippon Camera Magazine

2018 : 2018 Critical Mass Top200

2018 : “Starting a New Journey”  Dodho Magazine,  AINT-BAD , Don't Take Pictures, Edge of Humanity,


2017  Finalists of the 2017 Black & White Awards  by Dodho  magazine.  

2017   My activities and works have been introduced on the Digital Camara Magazine in Japan.     

2016:  "15 Talented Asian Photographers"  by Dodho  magazine.

2016 :  " Honorable Mention" in Black and White International Award.

2016 : My interview was put on the Dodho Magazine.

2016 : ”Oshichi” was put on the Dodho Magazine print edition. (16 pages)

2016 : ”Oshichi” was put on the Dodho Magazine and the GUP Magazine. 

     and It has been published on the Dodho magazine again as one of its monthly Most Popular 

          Stories in Jun.

2016 : ONWARD Compe 16’ / “On The Spot ” put on display in the ONWARD Summit exhibition.

2015 : A further 40 photographers by ESPY Award 2015.

2015 : lensCulture Explore Categories 《CONCEPTUAL》

2014 : ”Starting a New Story” was put on the GUP Magazine. 


Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, CA., U.S.

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Personal exhibition

2019 : “Oshichi” “Starting a New Journey”  Roonee 247 fine arts gallery, Tokyo

2018 : "SOMEBANA /Flower in Bliss" at Stripe house  Gallery,Tokyo & Hiroshima (w/Midori Hate) 

2013 :  "Sound from the sky" at Gallery space M, Saitama

2010  "Abyss of time" at Totem Pole Photo Gallery, Tokyo

2008  "M House" at Kodak gallery, Tokyo

2003 : "Shimouchimagi" at Gallery 1/f,Tokyo

Group exhibition

​2018 : ”Making of a Beautiful Bridge” Subway gallery, Yokohama

2017 : “Emerging Vision of Japan” Subway gallery, Yokohama

2016 : “X”  Tokinon gallery

2015 : “Alive”  Gallery corso, Tokyo

2014 : “Infinity”  Gallery corso, Tokyo

2013  “Wind”  Sirius gallery, Tokyo

          “Rainbow”  Gallery corso, Tokyo

2012 : “Hole”  Cross road gallery, Tokyo

2011 : “Stream”  Galerie Demi-Someyu, Tokyo

          “Wind”   Gallery cosmos, Tokyo

          “Tokyo 2 “   Sirius gallery, Tokyo

2010 : “Reincarnation”  Gallery corso, Tokyo

2009 : “Drug (friend/Russian)”  Kodak gallery, Tokyo

2008 : “Road”  Gallery corso, Tokyo

2007 : “Time”  Chotoku gallery, Tokyo

2006 : “Tokyo”  Sirius gallery, Tokyo