Oshichi (2014-2016)

Statement :

One day, I came across and got glued on a doll.  ‘Oshichi’ is the name of the doll and she is historically famous 16-year-old girl who was put to death by burning at the stake for committing arson.  Oshichi committed the crime because she was dying to see her lover. After she was executed, her lover made a pilgrimage throughout the rest of his life.  

While I was gazing at this doll, I became to deeply feel her grief of taking care of his later life. With thinking of Oshichi’s love for him, I came to an idea that I should follow his footprints.  During the trip, I gave a prayer to them at shrines, temples and enshrined natural objects as he might have done so to Oshichi.

We suddenly lose precious lives around us. It brings us deep, inevitable sorrows.

The sorrow, on the other hand, is inseparably related to love for others. It has a certain power to empathize with people and we achieve a committed relationship with them.  By sharing it with others, I think we can move out of our past and step forward to the future.  Experiencing sadness makes us grow, and gives us great power to live.

While I was traveling, I could momently feel everything’s pure. I could feel the great nature surrounding us.  Through my trip, I have realized we are all alive on the earth with the same fate. I want to value this bond and will keep on going day by day. 


Paper : Japanese handmade paper " Isewashi--Fusyo"

Print : Archival pigment print

Edition : 10 /  Paper Size : 15inch (W) -19inch(H) : 381mm(W)-483mm(H)


© Michiko Chiyoda