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Starting a New Story (2010-2014)

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Statement :


I had been struggling with caring for my father at home when I started to take pictures of an old and strange shaped waste disposal factory , located next to my town. I know that growing old comes to everybody without fail, but I could not help feeling an emptiness after my father had unreturned end of life.
He passed away soon after I started taking photographs in the town. Sadly, he became really thin and weak. At the last moment he was like dry leaves fell down with rustling sound.
When I heard the creaking noise from those waste disposal factories, I remembered how my father had worked hard and got worn down.
Various things are carried into this small town by dump trucks every day. They are piled up high. They seem to be waiting for being converted into something different and then will be sent to another place.
Some old or broken things will be fixed in the factories and become something useful again. 
I think human beings might be the same. We live our lives and die , and would be born again. I believe in a cycle of reincarnation. Then, I’m sure my father’s soul will be reincarnated in someone or something else someday.
Standing in the grass growing thick, I saw a big sky under the heavy clouds. With the scenery in the glimmer of light, I feel that I’m living in the ever-changing world.  


Print : Inkjet print
Edition : 10 / Paper Size : 23.39 inch (W)-16.54 inch(H) : 594 mm(W)-420 mm(H)
              10 / Paper Size : 19 inch (W)-13 inch(H) : 483 mm(W)-329 mm(H)

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