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Mr. Chiba commenced his own bottega and has managed it as  “MOTORROCK-KS” where he has been customizing Harley-Davidson’s.

When I firstly visited his place,  Mr. Chiba seemed to be lost in his work without uttering a word surrounded by a couple of motorcycles in creation and engineering machineries and tools.

The beauty of those machines, chaotic but methodical atmosphere of the space immediately seized hold of my heart, and after a while, I found myself pushing the shutter button of my camera like crazy.

About Motorrok-ks/Isami Chiba


Isami Chiba, after finishing the car design course in a  career college,  got a lot of experience in a CFRPprocessing company such as designing racing-car bodies, developing solar cars, and so on.
He was chosen as a member of the solar car team of Kyosera Corporation, and contributed a lot to the team  for winning the high level prize of “The World Solar Car Challenge” in Australia which is the biggest event for solar car development.
For a while afterwards,  he sought for more specific techniques in the fields of machine work and Sheet-metal processing by working  at small factories.
Those challenges led him to being  a pupil of the “HOT-DOCK CUSTOMCYCLES”, and as time goes by, his originality was honed by designing show-bikes.
The year 2004 was the epoch-making for his career. He finally established his own factory, “MOTORROCK KUSTOMSHOP”, where he has been creating and realizing his dream machines.

Pictures of MOTORROCK-KS

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