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This project actually started when Ms. Midori Hata, an artist of dyed artificial flowers, told me her thought of producing a book with her works.

She wanted to set its message as "Pray for Peace".

That 'Pray' of hers inspired me all the time during shooting the pictures in the cathedral of the memorial church which is one of important cultural properties in HIROSHIMA, Japan.


Message from Midori Hata

Every life has an end. For years I was not aware of this universal reality, until September 2014, when I was told that breast cancer had progressed in my body up to stage IIIb. While shocked for a while, I found myself somehow calm, and accepted reality as it was. For a whole year, anti-cancer medications, operations, and radiation treatments were undergone, followed by anti-body medical treatment. Nobody can tell what will happen next. but what is true is that I am alive now, and keeping well.
And to be honest, facing the reality that every life on this earth has an end, I feel grateful for this unexpected opportunity that made me conscious of many forms of life.
It was five years ago when I moved to Hiroshima after living in my hometown, Tokyo, for thirty years. In Hiroshima, workshop classes and events were planned and carried out. Two years ago, when we had the 70th anniversary of the end of the War, I became more deeply reflective upon myself as a citizen of atomic-bombed Hiroshima.
 What a revelation to feel that the time has come to create a book of collected “somebana”!
 I dedicate this book as my message of life as bliss with a sincere prayer for peace; “Somebana”, Flowers in Bliss / Vessels / Calligraphy.



The single life of a flower is so affectionate and beautiful.

A bud sprouting is like an infant child going out into the world.

A flower full-blooming is so proud of its fragrance.

Withered at the end, yet dignity remains in its noble life.

Touched deeply by the light of bliss in every moment, I came to create “ somebana” from a piece of white cloth dyed to bloom as a single flower, flowers, and Flowers.

Flowers into which I poured life became alive and I gave them a name, “ somebana”.

With my heartfelt prayer for peace, I dedicate my “somebana ” to you as a message of bliss. ​


Midori Hata




■ Auther:Midori Hata / Photography:Michiko Chiyoda

■ Size:175mm(W)×215mm(H)

■ Page:68

■ Price:2,600yen+tax *Additional shipping fee

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