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Eternal Fields –Entrusting Memories to the Fields


”The more you try to forget, the more it stays with you.  When you need to let go of something, it is engraved in your heart.”—From Wong Kar-wai's "Ashes of Time”


I simply don’t remember about the past or never really thought about remembering the past. 

I have never been one to hold on to the past, but after my mother's death, I found myself troubled by memories of her.

What I remember about my mother is mostly from the time I cared for her.

Changes in her suffering from a dementia,  unexpected events I have faced, and the way I dealt with her had become burdensome memories.

When she passed away, I intended to live carrying these memories and complex emotions.

However, the memories never faded, and now she is an unwavering presence, keeps reminding  me of them.

I began to wish I could forget. At the same time, I was also tormented by feeling guilty for wanting to forget the memories of her.

Then, I remembered a quote from a Wong Kar-wai movie and decided to re-examine these memories.

I sorted through my mother's keepsakes and wrote down those memories. 

As I continued this process, I often found myself contemplating her life. 

This process made me want to let go of them and store them under the ground.

I  chose a field for the safekeeping – a place I loved, where my mother and I often walked, a place that felt like it could accept and purify all.


I push my way into the field, dreaming of a journey to mourn and store my memories. 

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